Make a Planned Gift

Impact Our Future Through Planned Giving

Touch the lives of others while creating a lasting legacy, enjoy a wide variety of tax benefits and help Luther College achieve its goals for current and future generations

Anyone who has the vision and inclination to provide for Luther College's long-range needs can make a difference through planned giving. We invite you to consider your philanthropic goals and how they intersect with the future of Luther College.

Why are planned gifts important to Luther College?
  • They are often substantial, even from persons of modest means.
  • They represent financial resources the college can look forward to in the future.
  • When mature, they are most often placed in the endowment, which ensures that the college's financial reserves are supplemented and that the gift "keeps on giving" as endowment investments yield annual income.
Why are planned gifts important to you, our donors?
  • They are a means for you to make a substantial gift to the college without depleting your day-to-day income or your retirement assets.
  • They often provide substantial tax advantages to you; many offer opportunities for lifetime income to you and/or other family members.
  • They are a way for you to share in both the present and the future of Luther College.
Sounds good. What do I do now?

We encourage you to further explore the planned giving options available to you. If you have questions along the way, please contact Kelly Sorenson, CGPP, Assistant Director of Legacy and Gift Planning.

I already have Luther in my estate or have provided for a planned gift to Luther. What do I do now?

Thank you for your vision! If you have not notified Luther of your plans, please contact Kelly Sorenson, CGPP, Assistant Director of Legacy and Gift Planning. Once Luther knows about your plans, you will automatically become a member of the Heritage Club.

Life Estate Reserved
Life Estate Reserved
You give your property to Luther College but retain the right to use the property during your life.
Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Charitable Remainder Unitrust
You transfer your cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable remainder unitrust. The trust sells your property tax-free and provides you with income for life or a term of years.
About Bequests
You may be looking for a way to make a significant gift to help further our mission. A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support Luther College and our students.
Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to Luther College and others. Explore the many benefits of charitable gift planning.